Right of Way Vegetation Management

Critical to the reliability of the power grid, vegetation management is employed to keep brush and trees from interfering with both transmission and distribution lines. This involves both the removal of growth directly under the lines as well as along the Right of Way corridor to eliminate trees from coming down across the power lines during storms.

We have professional climbers with all the necessary equipment for the larger "danger trees" and we utilize mechanical brushing heads (a/k/a "mowers") for the smaller work. Utilizing these "mowers" saves time which translates to significant savings for the utility. These "mowers" are also employed along roadsides leaving chipped mulch behind them thereby eliminating the need to hand cut brush and trees...hauling them out to the roadway to be chipped.

The "mowers", while capable of removing significantly large trees, are able to be controlled so as to selectively leave in place any trees designated as "protected".

Brush Cutting